High School Reunion

I attended the reunion of former students of a high school in which I never studied.

In 2017, I attended the reunion of former students of a high school in Soignies, Belgium, although I never studied there. I met nice people but I must admit that when it was about sharing memories, I was very short of anecdotes. The legitimacy of my presence was quickly questioned. I had to explain to the most insistents that my real name was Jérôme ****** (a name that I randomly picked in the 2005 prom list) but that after I stole a potato from a supermarket, I changed my identity and appearance to flee Belgian justice. This argument did not convince them and I finally got kicked out. Then I wandered in the night to discover Soignies before walking three hours to a strategic hitchhiking spot where I had to wait two more hours until someone drive me home. The way back was quite exhausting.


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