Simplifying every graffiti to what it really says.

Some graffiti artists want their work to make people think, some put colours on shady streets to make them look nicer but I think most writers just want to show the world they exist by leaving tags and pieces everywhere. So I created a simple sticker saying J'existe. in bold letters to sum it all up.


I used to take serious risks to place the J'existe. logo on highly visible spots.

I also pasted a J'existe. sticker on the Bielefeld city sign, managing to exist in a city that does not exist.

I designed the J'existe. clothing brand with Jeremy Vandenbosch, an artist living in Marseille, France. You can order some cool stuff from the official online shop.


Thousands of photos and videos are labelled #jexiste on Instagram. Jeremy and I update the official J'existe. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages daily to simplify every social media post to what it really says.

Selected Works

PaintingsProject type

EngravingProject type

PhotographyProject type

J'existe.Project type

Chien ChiantProject type

La Grande CommunionProject type

M'art'chinProject type

Belgium's Got TalentProject type

No News LetterProject type

I Hate EverythingProject type

StickerProject type

Real Name GraffitiProject type

NongraffitiProject type

UngraffitiProject type

AI IRLProject type

Graffiti DefinitionsProject type

Graffiti TranslationsProject type

Morse Code GraffitiProject type

Graffiti With BloodProject type

Graffiti With SpermProject type

B-TC2 GraffitisProject type

Graffiti On WavesProject type

Post No BillsProject type

Secret Art ShowsProject type

Art Show HackingProject type

I Wanna Piss On YouProject type

Just For KicksProject type

Imitation Of LifeProject type

BlackedProject type

My First MemeProject type

SöndrumProject type

Spam Writing WorkshopProject type

Summer SalesProject type

Feature FilmsProject type

High School ReunionProject type

Bras-JambesProject type

InterviewProject type

Avant-aprèsProject type

List Of NamesProject type