La Grande Communion

In 2018, I organized in a Belgian theater La Grande Communion, a small festival in which all the guests (musicians, choirs and speakers) performed their own show at the same time on the same stage, generating a hell of a chaos in an unreal artistic experience. People usually go out only to flaunt or booze, so the shorter the art part, the better!

Cédric Gervy, Vincent Flibustier, Cindya Izzarelli, Edgar Szoc, Damien Ernst, David Leloup, Stronf, Vol au Vent, Frygo Tacyte, Bob Le Marin, Philippe Henkinet, Hugues Onfray and Dimitri Greimers took part in the happening and Max le Daron, Pute-Acier, Hugo Freegow and Geister vs Vomi played records at the afterparty.

I made a short promotional video in which I taste a mix of different meals as an analogy to the performance.

The same night I took a shit between two cars next to the theater as an alternative version of the festival.

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